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Suzy Spence – Artist and Curator and the creator of The Online Archive for Womanhouse – and Irina Milahache, Author and Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Toronto, join Coral Lee in an interdisciplinary discussion of the woman’s role in writing culinary history.



Richard Meier On Prospect Park, The Gallery @ 1GAP

The Gallery at One Grand Army plaza Brooklyn

For five years (2013-2018) the residents of One Grand Army Plaza collaborated with Spence Projects in a continuation of their in-house, curated art program, The Gallery @ 1GAP. Spence Projects mounted three large exhibitions each year and developed a social space organized around art events that were created especially for the residents. During Spence’s tenure an innovative gallery model supported the work of some of New York City’s leading contemporary artists, while enabling residents to live with new works on a rotating basis, including paintings, sculptures, videos, and photography that filled the building’s four thousand square foot common area located on the ground floor.

Spence Projects scheduled lectures, openings, and monthly receptions with neighboring Brooklyn Library, as a super deluxe amenity to residents and their guests. The Richard Meier glass facade was an opportunity to show art that was visible at street level from the outside, creating a dynamic conversation between the architectural design, the contemporary art on view, and the vibrant city and park life just beyond the glass.


The Review Panel at the Brooklyn Library

art news & media 

The Review Panel is a monthly debate among leading art critics, held at the Brooklyn Library and moderated by David Cohen, Editor and Publisher of Artcritical Magazine.

When in the eleventh year of its existence The Review Panel left its home at the National Academy, it found a new, state of the art facility at the Dweck Auditorium located at 10 Grand Army Plaza, the Brooklyn Library.

Each panel is open to the public and averages 1 hour 45 minutes run time, with a short Q&A from the audience afterwards. The audience is invited to join the critics for drinks and to extend the conversation further, in an intimate gathering next door at The Gallery at 1GAP.

Panelists have included Roberta Smith, Robert Storr, Barry Schwabsky, Walter Robinson, Jessica Belle Brown, Eva Diaz, Irving Sandler, Dore Ashton, Katy Siegal, Siri Hustvedt, David Salle, John Yau, Vincent Katz, Anthony Haden-Guest, Blake Gopnik, among others.

These live debates are recorded and archived on Artcritical and on Soundcloud, as free downloads. 

 Womanhouse catalog cover, designed by Sheila De Bretteville 1972

Womanhouse catalog cover, designed by Sheila De Bretteville 1972


( los angeles 1972 )

The Womanhouse Online Archive is a website, home, and resource for the historically significant Womanhouse, a 1972 site specific work, conceived of by Paula Harper and led by co-founders of the Cal Arts Feminist Art Program, Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro.

In 2009 curators Suzy Spence and Leslie Brack researched and built a website on the occasion of their tribute exhibition, The Mood Back Home, an exhibition inspired by Womanhouse, at Momenta Art, Brooklyn.

In 2015 Spence Projects rebuilt the website and added to the multi-media content in order to present archival material as yet unseen. This project has 501c3 status through New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) who granted it fiscal sponsorship in 2009.

 Sarah Dineen, Certain Dark Things, The Gallery @1GAP, September 14, 2016 - January 2, 2017

Sarah Dineen, Certain Dark Things, The Gallery @1GAP, September 14, 2016 - January 2, 2017

Other projects & events

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